Favorite Trick: Tre Flip

Nico has been skating for over 1 year. Kader Sylla is his favorite skater because he likes his all-around style and has already gone pro at 16. He inspires him to try harder and go pro.
Favorite Trick: Kickflip

Oliver has been skating for over 2 years. He loves skating at the Linda Vista Skate Park, and Kader Sylla is also an inspiration of his.
Favorite Trick: Heel Flip

Parker has been skating for over 2 years. He really enjoys skating at the Volcom Skate Park and is heavily inspired by Steve Cabalero.
Favorite Trick: Backside Invert to Sweeper

Ian has been skating for over a year and a half. His favorite skate park is the Frisco Skate Park in Texas. He is inspired by Duane Peters, Erick Winkowski, Ben Raybourn, Evan Dickson, Mark Gonzalez, CJ Collins, and Tyler the Creator.
Favorite Trick: Tre Flip

Andrew has been skating competitively for 2 years now and over 5 years overall. His local skate park is La Habra Skate Park. Chris Joslin is a big inspiration to him, especially his 'Ode to London' skate video that he made for his daughter.